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Trendy Budapest !!


Budapest is alive, cosmopolitan city that follows the trends. Design, architecture, and fashion fans bat also those who like gourmet, everyone will find something interesting for himself in this city, which is constantly changing.

Retro style is again so present. If you want to dress in the style of retro and elektrobugi mix or want to enjoy home-made food that resembles the tastes of the 80's or just want to buy a unique souvenir to a close friend - in Budapest you have options for all.


Ruin Pubs


Kőleves Kert

Address: 7th District, Kazinczy street 37-39.
Tel: +36 1 322-1011

History of Kőleves Kert's (translation: Garden stone soup) perfectly shows how things are changing in the 7th district of Budapest. Previously, this was the place of the restaurant "Kiskacsa" (Little duck), and now here we find the restaurant-pub Kőleves Kert's. The building next to it disappeared: this space is the perfect place for the open air pub!



Address: 7th District, Age 18 Street (corner Síp Street)

"Boogeyman," is one of the most popular places in the city. The word "Kert", which in Hungarian means garden or court, perfectly describes this place. Refers to a new trend, they are usually the ruined, abandoned buildings and yards to be converted into a comfortable lounge with funky decor, lively atmosphere and varied music. Many of these "new" places for nightlife emerge into the center of the city, especially around the old Jewish neighborhood in the 7th district.


Spare Key (Pótkulcs)

Address: 6.kvart, Csengery street 65 / B
Tel: +36 1 269-1015

"Spare Key" is a bar, club and restaurant popular among the bohemian world, a relaxed vibrations in this place are absolutely tangible. Offers live music, local food and a comfortable, attractive summer terrace with lots of green space and fortunately not overloaded with tables.


Szimpla Franchise
Szimpla & Double Café

Address: 7th District, Kertész street 48
Tel: + 36 1 321-9119


Szimpla Kert

Address: 7th District, Kazinczy street 14
Tel: +36 1 269-1015

Simpla is a mixture of open-air pub and cinema. Be careful, from the street you can almost miss the entrance, because the outside looks just like an ordinary door (look for a small yellow sign), but once you enter, the place is really amazing. It looks a bit rundown, but just to give a special atmosphere to this bar. Almost every night they release some alternate movies. Most people come to Simpla Kert to have a cheap beer or a wine and relax a bit. During the summer evenings, visitors quickly overwhelm the garden. Today this place is increasingly visited by tourists because it is mentioned in many  printed guides, but anyhow, it is still a great place to spend time in.


Bar 400

Address: 7. quarter 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 52
Tel: + 36 20 776-0765
Opening hours: 10:00 - 02:00

Pub and restaurant "400" was opened in 2010 on the border of the historical - Jewish and business neighborhood. The shop is named for its 400 m2. Thanks to a special interior, the restaurant "400" is a great place for those seeking a dilapidated place, as well as for the tourists who are passing by, but it's a pleasant environment for those who want to have business conversation in an interesting place.


Gozsdu udvar

Address: 7th 1075 Budapest, Király utca 13th
Tel: +36 1 878 1305

"Gozsdu Yard " (passage) today is one of the most attractive and most visited places in the city. The complex consists of seven buildings and six courtyards. Last year, following the opening of new pubs and restaurants, for example "Spiller" or "Di Vino 2", we can say that this place has become a new center of nightlife in the city. Thanks to the ambience, one really feels like being in a Mediterranean city.


Akvárium club

Address: 5th district, Budapest, Erzsébet tér

"Aquarium" is a place in the heart of the city, best place for  funs of good music and good food. The place is fully renovated in 2014 and now it attracts greater range of young visitors. From the same year, the place has three large halls for concerts and various programs (in 1500, 700 and 200 people). Aquarium lobby offeres breakfast from 8 am.


di Vino

Address: 5th District, 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 3

After opening in 2011 Di Vino has become one of the trendiest places of Budapest. The reason for the success of this bar is the fact that it is on one of the most beautiful places in the city, near the Basilica. Additionally it has a very nice atmosphere, experienced waiters and an extensive range of great wines.